Kyiv Deep Learning Meetup

Artificial Intelligence
The Kyiv deep learning meetup is organized by the Ukrainian Artificial Intelligence Association (Українська Aсоціація Штучного Iнтелекту). For everyone interested in deep learning and neural networks! We study both technology and business/real-world applications. Join us! It is free! If you want to give a talk or a tutorial, contact us! To benefit the most of the meetup, you are invited to become familiar, slowly and progressively, with the material below. PS: If this material seems tough to you, don't get discouraged too quickly: if you are patient and persistent, you will almost certainly get nice results at the end. In any case, the meetup is here to help you, at all stages of your learning process. Python 2.7: Codeacademy. Especially lists and dictionaries. Linear Algebra: Khan Academy. Also, tensors. Numpy: 100 numpy exercises. Hide solutions here. Especially matrices and tensors. Machine learning: Coursera Convolutional neural networks: Stanford CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition Natural language processing: Stanford CS224d: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing A library like tensorflow, theano/lasagne, torch, or caffe: some tutorials here Other interesting courses are available, like here. Also, this blog and this book are beginner-friendly. Watch also the news of the deep learning community

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